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Why It Might Be Better to Not Brush Your Teeth First Thing in the Morning
Many of us are used to brushing our teeth as soon as we get out of bed. But although good oral hygiene is key to maintaining a beautiful smile, brushing your teeth right after you wake up might not be as effective as we think. Some medical experts believe that having a glass of water before brushing your teeth is much better for your oral health, and might even increase the effectiveness of tooth brushing.

1. It might make the brushing less effective.
If you’re used to brushing your teeth just before having your morning cup of coffee, you might want to reconsider this habit. When you drink something right after tooth brushing, it might wash away the fluoride in the toothpaste, making the brushing far less effective. In fact, dentists recommend waiting at least half an hour after brushing your teeth to drink any beverage. And if you don’t have much time in the morning it only makes sense to brush your teeth after breakfast.

2. It might cause more cavities.
Although drinking water in the morning has many health benefits, doing so immediately after brushing your teeth may keep you from getting enough fluoride. Because fluoride is one of the most effective ways to fight cavities, a lack of it can weaken your enamel, causing cavities, and even bone diseases.

3. It may make you nauseous.
Brushing your teeth after waking up can help you feel refreshed, but some people may get nauseous when brushing their teeth. Although brushing your teeth twice a day is vital for your oral health, you may skip it at times if it makes you feel nauseous. Many expectant mothers say their morning sickness gets worse when they brush their teeth right after waking up, and many dentists believe using xylitol drops or even plain water instead may be helpful.

4. It might weaken your enamel.
Feeling nauseous often leads to vomiting, and throwing up frequently may seriously damage your teeth. Because vomit contains stomach acids, it can wear away and weaken your enamel, causing your teeth to hurt.

Do you brush your teeth as soon as you wake up or after breakfast?

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