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Rupture of hepatocellular carcinoma after injury

Diagnosed hepatocellular carcinoma. Sudden onset of severe abdominal pain after a slight fall.

Patient Data
AGE: 35

[Image: IMG-0001-00119_big_gallery.jpeg]
Axial non-contrast

[Image: IMG-0002-00093_big_gallery.jpeg]
Axial C+ arterial phase

[Image: IMG-0003-00179_big_gallery.jpeg]
Axial C+ portal venous phase

[Image: IMG-0006-00093_big_gallery.jpeg]
Axial C+ delayed

Irregular hepatic contour, heterogeneous hepatic parenchyma. There are multiple nodules and masses scattered throughout both lobes, poorly marginated, show mildly hypodense in the non-enhanced phase, heterogenous enhancement in the arterial phase, rapidly washed out in the portal venous and equilibrium phase, measuring ≤107x75 mm

Two mass lesions located in the periphery of segment 4, 8 had possibly ruptured

One large exophytic heterogeneously attenuating mass with a maximum-diameter of 72 mm, located on the left lower liver border, possibly arising from the ruptured mass in segment 4, pushing the bowels downwards, producing a typical sentinel clot sign

Partial thrombosis of the left portal vein

High-attenuation abdominal and pelvic intraperitoneal fluid possibly due to hemorrhage

Bibasilar multiple pulmonary nodules, moderately marginated, tissue density, measuring≤ 15 mm

Case Discussion
This patient has the typical multifocal hepatocellular carcinoma with rupture of segment 4 and 8 lesions; one large mass located on the left lower liver border possibly hematoma. High-attenuation abdominal and pelvic intraperitoneal fluid is possibly due to hemorrhage. Finally, bibasilar multiple pulmonary nodules are most likely metastases.

Rupture and hemorrhage especially after an injury is a complication of hepatocellular carcinoma with the patients that have large lesions located near the border of the liver.

"Sentinel clot sign" is a very important CT sign needed to be assessed to confirm the diagnosis.


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