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Pediatric Cataract & IOL Surgery in a 3 month old Child SuVi Eye Kota India

In this video, Dr Suresh K Pandey & Dr Vidushi Sharma, eye surgeons of Suvi Eye Institute & Research Center, Kota, Rajasthan, India ( share their experience on managing a cataract in a 3 month old child. After creating a side port "Ultimate Soft Shell technique" (described by Dr Steve Arshinoff) was used to stain the anterior capsule using viscoadaptive OVD Healon-5 (AMO-Abbott Medical Optics). After completing anterior capsulorhexis, hydrodissection on performed and phacoespration of lens material was done using bimanual irrigation and aspiration using AMO Signature (Ellips Transverse Ultrasound) Phaco Machine with Surgical Media Center (SMC). This is followed by implantation of a Tecnis one-peice IOL (Abbott Medical Optics) in the capsular bag. A primary posterior capsulectomy and anterior vitrectomy is performed using vitrector. Preservative free triamcinolone acetonide (Aurocort, Aravind Lab) was injected intracamerally to stain any residual vitreous strand(s) with in the anterior chamber. No vitreous strand(s) was visible. The OVD (Healon-5) was removed from anterior chamber and wound is closed using 10-0 nylon sutures. Siedel's test was done using Flurorescein sodium dye to see if there is any leakage of dye from the incisions.

Ultimate soft-shell technique : The ultimate soft-shell technique compartmentalizes the anterior chamber using the ultimate low-viscosity fluid—water (as balanced salt solution [BSS®] or trypan blue [Vision Blue®])—in combination with commercially available viscoadaptive ophthalmic viscosurgical devices: Healon®5 (sodium hyaluronate 2.3%, AMO) . The use of this technique facilitates cataract surgery with viscoadaptive OVDs and viscoadaptive removal at the end of the procedure.

About Dr Suresh K Pandey:
Dr. Pandey has presented more than 150 scientific papers in various international ophthalmological meetings and authored more than 100 scientific papers/communications, 50 textbook chapters, and 10 ophthalmic textbooks. Dr. Pandey's textbook on Pediatric Cataract Surgery, published by Lippincott Williams and Wilkins (USA) remains the best-selling book on this topic. In 2005, Dr. Pandey was invited to demonstrate Live Surgery at international meeting at Milan, Italy. Dr. Pandey received several prestigious awards for his research & surgical innovations, which include Best-of-Show Video Award, Best Poster Award, Best-Paper-of-the-Session Award for the surgical videos, scientific posters and papers in the national and international ophthalmology congresses. Most recently, Dr. Pandey has been selected for Achievement Award by the American Academy of Ophthalmology. . Dr. returned to India in 2006 to establish SuVi Eye Institute and Research Center at Kota, Rajasthan, India ( In a short span of about 4 years, this hospital has made its presence and earned a good name in the field of eye care in this area. Dr Pandey has also organized many free eye camps and more than 50,000 patients have benefited at these eye camps. The hospital also runs a mobile eye care van

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